Project Description

We were appointed by Lululemon Athletica, the iconic Canadian yoga brand to help deliver their first ever European store in Covent Garden, London which opened in April 2014. Working with the Vancouver based Lululemon store design team we strove to articulate the spirit of the brand and showcased it to the UK market.

The layout of the store follows the strong traditions of Lululemon, creating a familiar path to help customers experience the store. The design is uncomplicated in its approach with an open ceiling & neutral tones, but is combined with key features symbolic of British Columbia; the home of Lululemon.

This can be seen in the use of the Douglas fir feature lamps and timber block fascia. Together with elements referencing the history of Covent Garden, the design combines elements of West Coast lifestyle and London chaos creating something not seem on Long Acre before. This first flagship by Lululemon in London has been a major success with the store exceeding expectations.